DanceAUS Group History, why does inspiration live here?

The DanceAUS Group story began in 2004 with a single class of students on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. At 18 years old, Director Emma Staltari received a $1000 start-up grant from the local council, which she used to purchase a stereo and insurance.
Such was the popularity of the lesson format and Emma’s enthusiasm, this new dance school was operating at full capacity within its first year of operation. In the years following, DanceAUS Group blossomed to the point where it now operates dance schools in 30 locations across metropolitan and rural South Australia. It is from this solid foundation that DanceAUS Group is now franchising nation-wide, with the goal of offering affordable, non-competitive dance programs to children aged 3 years through to adults, with a mix of Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet fundamentals.
DanceAUS Group classes create a professional atmosphere together with the excitement and energy of dance, in an environment which is safe, creative and fun!
DanceAUS Group also produces choreography for productions and competitions, and specialised dance programs for schools. This includes our DanceFIT program, which promotes our vision of providing students with the skills and education they need to live a happy, healthy and positive life!
The DanceAUS Group program is a recreational, leisure-based model, and is non-competitive. DanceAUS students participate in an annual showcase spectacular, where individuality is celebrated and all students are rewarded and praised. We believe our strong performance in the dance education sector has been largely due to adhering to these core values. We have brought fun and enjoyment back to an industry that has long been suffocated by elitism and unnecessary competition.
It’s important that DanceAUS classes are accessible and affordable for students from all socio-economic backgrounds. We have achieved this by offering free trial lessons, keeping fees affordable and offering discounts for families with multiple dancers. Students are not required to have expensive shoes or uniforms to participate, and costume making is managed by the DanceAUS Group team.
Our business vision is to provide students of all ages and experience levels with knowledge and skills in the performing arts. Students learn leadership values, improve confidence, communication skills and several aspects of performance.
As demonstrated by the values we instill in our staff and their students, we stand as the voice of inspiration and advocacy for young people who might not otherwise have anyone in their corner. We stand for the students who think they’re not good enough, or not coordinated enough, or not able to afford expensive dance outfits.
We are deeply passionate about the class culture we have created, and the many aspects that make DanceAUS classes unique. Many students and their parents now share our passion, and it has often been their support that has helped DanceAUS Group expand so quickly into many new locations.
We value our student as unique beings, and provide opportunities for them to discover and develop their unique personalities. As we often tell them, ‘zig when everyone else zags’!