Are parents able to stay and watch classes?
We welcome parents to be in the classroom for the free trial lesson. After the free trial lesson, parents are invited to be situated in the foyer or waiting room at the dance space. This is purely for noise and distractions and ensures we keep a focused learning environment for all students.
Some of our dance spaces have glass windows into the dance space, which provide a good viewing point from outside the room.
Please do ask the teacher if you would like to observe a class, your teacher will organise this to control the amount of people in the room at a time. This request is often when relatives are visiting and you wish for them to watch, no problem!

Is it an issue if my child has never danced before?

Our class format is based around an age estimate. Junior 1 (3-5 year olds), Junior 2 (6-9 year olds), Intermediates (10-14 year olds), Seniors (15 years +), Adults.
All classes are unisex and designed for all ability levels. We know we have created a welcoming environment and will ensure all students mix comfortably together.


Frequently asked questions regarding 3-5 year old students in lead-up to performances.
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FAQ - Junior 1 (3-5 years) at Performance Time

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