Students of DanceSA perform in an annual concert to showcase their learning and enjoyment from classes during their year!

Positive Experience

Our concerts are a celebration of our students’ achievement. It is our aim to provide them with an amazing experience and great memories of their time at DanceSA.
The atmosphere is exciting and positive! We do not support ‘show mum’ attitude and there is no room for negativity or favouritism.
No student is better than the other. All students receive a personalised medallion which is presented on stage at the end of their performance; DanceSA does not provide trophies for 'best overall', 'runner up' etc.

More Stage Time

All students perform 3-4 times on stage, with different costume changes. Costumes are resourced, purchased and provided by our team. There is NO COSTUME MAKING INVOLVED.
Our concerts are held at smaller local theatres to ensure complete visibility of your student. We want you to see their face, not spend the entire time searching for which one is yours!


Students can wear hair how they like, styled differently provides an individual flair! WE DON'T WANT THE STUDENTS TO LOOK THE SAME and why would their parents? Make up is also instructed to be applied NATURALLY!
We encourage families to support that each student be themselves and as comfortable as possible on stage when hair & makeup is involved.
A performance is a celebration of what achievements our students have made throughout the year and personal confidence plays a huge part in performance. We celebrate individuality!

Technical Effects

Our technical elements of our performances are second to none. Our Technical Director assembles a lighting and effect spectacular to asset the students and make them feel like a star!
We take photographs in the lead up to our performances of our students which feature on the ‘big screen’, our backdrop.


Our performances are professionally photographed and are available to purchase after the performance in our online gallery for DanceSA families only.
A DVD is also professionally filmed and available to pre-order through the dance school and purchase after the event for DanceSA families only.

Performance Photos

Please visit our photo merchant website to view and purchase photos from performances!

Performance DVD's

Contact our team to purchase DVDs from 2010 to present | 0408 988 483 | (08) 8345 1677
Please note, DVDs can only be ordered by students who attend DanceSA. Students names are checked before approval.