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DanceSA creates a professional atmosphere together with the excitement and energy of dance, in an environment which is safe, creative & fun!
The benefits of dance are endless! Dance can encourage children to foster a more positive attitude and explore their self expression.
Lessons can help children to:
  • Improve their social and communication skills


  • Learn how to work as part of a team


  • Develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation


  • Participate in a healthy activity that is enjoyable


Most schools have an end-of-year or mid-year production, using the whole school or selected classes for participation.
Productions are a display of singing, dancing, drama and music telling a story, or may consist of several different themed acts. Costumes, hair, make up, sets and props are all part of the fun spectacular experience for students.
We can assist you to create a fantastic production that your students will enjoy!


It is a fantastic opportunity for the students of your school to receive a high-energy, engaging, fun and vibrant dance class from one of our instructors to bring a buzz to their school day!
The DanceSA team can visit your school for a one-off workshop, or we can plan a series of lessons to provide fun and exciting dance classes as part of an ongoing programme.


If your school or organisation is considering participating in a dance competition, we can provide a choreographer to assist you with this enormous venture.
It takes a lot of energy, time and commitment to produce a great performance piece! The DanceSA team has experience and knowledge with providing ideas and concepts for performances, appropriate and dramatic music choices, mixing soundtracks and the design of costuming and make up.

Service and Price Summary

Dance instruction is charged at rates below
1 Hour $155.00 per hour (includes GST)
2 Hour $120.00 per hour (includes GST)
3 Hour $85.00 per hour (includes GST)
Additional services such as:
  • Developing story ideas and concepts
  • Additional music requirements or purchase
  • Costume planning or purchase
  • Set & Prop planning or purchase
  • Costume hire of DanceSA costumes

Please note, we require at least one school teacher to be present during any session per class.

Download the SCHOOL PACKAGES flyer here!

DanceSA School Packages