"Thankyou for the opportunity for creating such a beautiful, fun, creative space for the children of Loxton to DANCE.
They way the concert came together on the weekend was just amazing!!!
Looking forward to seeing the DVD.
So many people who attended the night have commented to me how great it was and one of my family members was quite emotional listening to you speak about what DanceSA is all about.
But most of all my daughter just LOVED it and it was FUN!!!
Will look forward to more fun and laughs next year.
Appreciate all the hard work of your team and yourself."
Nikki - Parent
"You have taught my girls so much. You have taught them how to dance with their heart and soul you have taught them how to use expression when they dance, because of you they LOVE dance more than anything. Thank-you so much for always being there and pushing them to their best ability .."
Samantha - Parent
"I can't thank your team at Mclaren Vale enough.
My son has loved every minute of dance this year, the skills he has learnt has given him the confidence to enter his primary schools 'got talent' and won for his year level.
Because he won he got to do his dance in front if the whole school this morning. I was nervous for him but he wasn't at all. He was so amazing, I cried from the beauty of it and the whole school clapped when he finished.
He has grown so much this year and if he hadn't started dance with your school he would of never had the confidence to enter or to get up in front of 550 people and dance.
Thank you so much."
Jess - Parent
"Wow! what a fantastic show- very privileged to have such an amazing caring Dance School for our daughter's. The girls were so pumped in the end-nerves were replaced with enormous smiles of enjoyment. THANKYOU ALL SO VERY MUCH-WHAT AN AWESOME CREW!!And the presentation-outstanding-special thanks to the AV MAN. We have amazing memories. See you all next term.In sincere appreciation and love. WOW!"
Mandy - Parent
"My daughter, fast asleep after what she described as "the best day of her life"!!! She is not willing to part with her medal, she is so proud of herself! Job well done to everyone involved in putting together a fabulous show!"
Brighid - Parent
"Your dedication and appreciation to the children and your staff is something I haven’t seen before. My daughter was very nervous for her performance and I must stay I was also nervous as a first time helper but the way you had EVERYTHING organised, running on time and without stress and hassle made it pleasurable for EVERYONE!!  You have such wonderful staff which LOVE their job and that’s what you hope for when you leave your children in their hands. You are an amazing role model for them.
I also thank you for the lovely card  and flower – it made my night."
Nina - Parent Volunteer
"We all loved the concert. Our daughter had a wonderful time throughout the whole night and we thought the show was fantastic. I wondered if it would be too long but it was perfect. Thank you very much. We had quite a few people there watching our daughter and they all loved it as well."

Karen - Parent


"My daughter has begun classes this year at Northgate and LOVES it!! I was thrilled to hear that she will be in a concert and even more so that I don't have to make any costumes. What a reasonable fee for this priviledge too. I want to
praise you for great teaching and a wonderful company you are!"
Jodie - Parent
"We started our 4 year old girl at DanceSA last year and she has loved it! It is a nurturing professional environment and we have watched her become more confident in herself! This year our eldest who is 11 has also started with DanceSA and is loving every minute! Both girls are so excited about their new dances and their upcoming concert and as parents we could not ask for more professional dedicated teachers!"
Brooke - Parent


"I look forward to my dance class every week, I have made great friends and am looking forward to our concert in October. I love dance!"
Sarah - Student
"I attended your end of year performance to watch my friends daughter Chloe perform. I was blown away by the professionalism, costumes and presentation of the whole show. I have never seen so many children having so much fun! I have just enroled my daughter."
Christine - Parent
"My son was very shy when we first started dance classes at DanceSA. When we came to watch the end of term open day, my husband and I were amazed at how confident he has become! This has been a great experience for him, Thank you."
Janine - Parent